Wrapping a Vehicle :  The Process

Knowing the year, make and model of the vehicle is critical to begin the creative and technical part of the process.  We have an extensive library of vehicle templates.

Vehicle Wraps for Business

But, we don’t simply use a template for wraps. We inspect the actual vehicle, take pictures, and double check measurements. Templates don’t represent the entire range of options that each car, truck or van can have. We don’t want to put an important design element on a template, only to discover that the actual vehicle contains optional or after market detailing. Additionally, we know if there will be existing graphics removal (as is shown below).

Inspecting Vehicle for a Vehicle Wrap

Then, the design process begins.  A proof is developed and the template is used as a visual representation of the final look of the graphics on the vehicle.

Vehicle Wrap in Progress

 All of the graphics are printed, laminated and cut.  An experienced installer places the graphics on the vehicle according to the specifications and template.

Vehicle Wrap Install

From concept to design, Reflection Signs and Graphics can bring a brand to life!

Finished Vehicle Wrap