9 Uses of Window Graphics for Westminster Businesses

yLo-300x106More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of applying graphics to their windows. These custom printed vinyl applications do much to transform a plain and uninviting glass surface into an eye-catching and colorful business marketing, branding and/or communication tool to people passing by your business. Here are nine common uses of this transformational tool:

  • Decorate and brighten. Applying window graphics to decorate windows can improve a shopper’s experience as customers appreciate beautiful colorful images and displays. They actually prefer these over bare windows and boring black and white lettering. Since people are visually stimulated, your business will be noticed and remembered more easily by using these applications to enhance their visual experience.
  • Display business hours. Glass doors are the perfect place to state your hours of operations. This reduces calls to your establishment requesting the time you are open and saves the consumer time. 
  • Advertise a sale. This space is the perfect opportunity to showcase your special promotions like percentage off specials, buy one get one free promotion, or free item with purchase deals. 
  • Promote a brand. Promote your business brand or a brand that your store offers with eye-catching images, logo and text. When your windows complement other signage that you use, this increases brand awareness to current customers and potential new customers. 
  • Show off people enjoying your products. When you apply large colorful pictures of happy people enjoying the items that you sell or the services that you offer on your windows, people get a pleasant feeling which may entice them to walk through your door. Most people are often seeking ways to discover happiness and images like this offer that hope. 
  • Communicate the service and products that you offer. Including two or three bullet points in easy-to-read fonts will let those passing by become aware of what you have to offer them. When you include these with images, their awareness is enhanced. 
  • Reduce the glare of the sun. This is especially helpful for car dealerships and art galleries which have large window spaces. 
  • Reinvent your businesses image. If you are interested in changing the image of your business, window film is an affordable way to test this change. You can create a custom design with new images, colors, fonts, etc., without breaking your budget. 
  • Privacy. While reinventing your business image, displaying your products, or communicating your sales and services, depending on the type of vinyl that you use, your graphics can also bring privacy to your windows. This is a great feature for banks, private offices or security rooms.

There are numerous reasons why a Westminster business would benefit from applying graphics to their windows. After you realize what your purpose is, the next steps are to figure out the type of material to use, the size, and design.

There are a variety of window graphics that are available, but which variety is best for your business? Reflection Signs and Graphics has a great deal of experience in surveying windows to determine which materials and sizes are best for the image that you are looking to project. In addition, our designers can create images that will capture the attention of those passing by. So, make sure you give us a call at 303-450-3255 so you can bring in more customers this coming New Year.