We do Sign Permits and Site Surveys

Our professionals take care of the whole sign process from start to finish so that you can focus on other things. We have extensive experience with all of the sign permit codes for Broomfield, CO and all the cities on the Front Range.

Reflection Signs does the site survey and the city sign permit applications for you!
Digital sign site survey equipment

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Outdoor Sign Installation Project Management

To install an exterior sign a business must get a site survey of the area where the sign will be placed, apply for a sign permit, and also comply with the building regulations as well. Our team does the entire process. this includes:

  • Digital Site Survey for the sign placement
  • Custom Graphic Sign Design to comply
  • City sign permit application
  • City Building code compliance
  • Building owner sign regulation compliance
  • Sign Installation

New Sign Site Survey

Every time a new outdoor building sign is placed it must meet code. One of the things that must be done to meet code is a site survey. A site survey involves measuring the area that the sign will be placed and assessing things like height, width, and profile. Typically this is a very involved process with ladders or bucket trucks and permissions to access the roof of the structure and a lot of red tape. Our method is different.

Digital Site Surveys

Our cutting edge technology allows us to do on-site site surveys for your sign from the ground without all the hassle. Quickly, we calibrate our equipment to the area and survey it from below. Next, we return to the office and our computer programs calculate your site survey perfectly so it can easily be submitted with your sign permit application. Simple and accurate!

Sign Permit Applications

We are a local Colorado business in Broomfield working with the entire front range. Our professionals have extensive experience with sign permits in many of these cities. As sign designers and installers we are familiar with the code requirements specified within the permits. Before we do a sign permit application with the city your business is located in and pull a permit we research the most recent city requirements to ensure compliance.

Included in the Permit Application

  • Elevation drawing to scale
  • Color scheme and building material rendering
  • Plot Plan drawn to scale – including set backs and property lines where applicable

The goal is a smooth exterior sign process. Most importantly, we do the sign permit application so that you don’t have to!


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