Custom Painted Awnings for Denver Tattoo Artists

urban-tattoo-reflection-300x225Sign companies have been extending their services by offering awning branding. Custom painted awnings are beneficial for both customers and business owners. Tattoo business owners should consider using these awning facilities in advertising their business. This is because they can be easily spotted by passersby and catches the attention of those interested in getting a tattoo. As most tattoo parlors are using attractive advertising methods to lure clients, you need to also find a marketing tool that will quickly grab the attention of your desired audience. Awnings can be spotted even from quite a distance and therefore, this is a great way to market your services.

During hot weather, custom painted awning provide shade from the sun, and this applies to rainy seasons as it offers shelter from the rain.

The design of your awning really counts when it comes to targeting a particular audience. It should send the right message to people and help them to learn more about your tattoo services. Therefore, if you feel that your awning design is not meeting your expectations, you can always contact professional design experts, like us here at Reflection Signs and Graphics, who will install a new custom painted awning which matches your business needs.

The tattoo business is made possible through the passion expressed by the artist. Due to this, if your design is not effectively communicating to your audience, you risk losing potential customers. Captivating and detailed logos installed on awnings can really attract the attention of clients. Here is a summary of the benefits of custom painted awning to a tattoo business;

  • Long lasting graphics– The latex used to shield weather elements helps extend the life of the logos and this ensures your business stays advertised for a long time.
  • Protection from weather elements– Awnings create a cooling environment for customers protection from strong sun rays, as well as shelter from the rain. This is helpful for customers who prefer to wait outside instead of the inside for their appointment. Furthermore, your interior furnishings like carpet or furniture will be protected from fading due to the UV rays.
  • Enhanced appeal– With these classical awnings, you have a great variety of choices for enhancing the décor in your building. You may choose to add color variations to add more dimension to your building‘s unique style. Awnings offer a stylish look to a business, yet the price is affordable.
  • Energy savings– Exterior fabric awnings can significantly reduce the heat in a business by 77%. During periods of direct sunlight which can produce much interior heat, your custom designed awning will shade your business which can mean less money spent on running an air conditioner.

Check out this awning that we created for Urban Element Tattoo. They are receiving many of the benefits we mentioned in this article, advertising their business to those passing by while offering shade for their customers, with their custom designed awning.

Reflection Signs and Graphics is proud to offer awnings, vehicle wraps, and other proven marketing tools to businesses in the Denver area. Please give us a call at 303-450-3255 to get started today!