How Long Can Custom Vinyl Signs Last Outside?


Outdoor vinyl signs are an affordable solution for business signs.

Custom vinyl signs can provide small businesses with great and inexpensive ways to advertise their services. They can be printed to be any size and design, and the fact that they are customized means that they are unique. However, some people may be wondering how long they can last outdoors. It’s entirely possible to put up signs and billboards that will last for years, but how long can a vinyl sign last when it is exposed to the elements?

As with just about anything else, the life expectancy of custom vinyl signs all depends on a number of factors. The quality of the vinyl and the ink used when they are printed make a difference, as does how the signs themselves are used. Signs that aren’t well-maintained won’t last as long as something that is cared for. Generally, a custom vinyl sign that is hung securely and stored correctly can last for years, but there are a number of factors that could shorten that lifespan if signs are used outdoors.


The biggest cause of wear and tear on a custom vinyl sign that is used outdoors is the wind. Signs that aren’t secured properly can be blown around by strong wind, and this whipping motion can cause them to tear easily. When hanging a vinyl sign outdoors, it’s best to secure all four corners of the sign so that the wind cannot tear it in this way.

The Sun

The sun can also cause damage to a custom vinyl sign over time. Sunlight can cause the colors of the sign to fade, especially since some signs are designed for aesthetics and not durability. While it is impossible to keep a vinyl sign out of the sun if you are planning on using it for outdoor advertising, it’s best to avoid leaving it in the sun for too long.

Making a Custom Vinyl Sign Last

Overall, a good custom vinyl sign should last for around three to five years if it is properly cared for.  You should also only keep a vinyl sign outdoors for as long as you need it displayed. If it is to be displayed for a long period of time, it should be properly secured to protect it from the elements. It should also be rolled up when it is being stored. This will prevent any creases when it is used again.

When it comes to custom vinyl signs, proper care is very important. Proper maintenance can help a sign to last for several years.  Keep a close eye on your vinyl signs, and they should continue to work for you and your business for years to come.