Large Format Printing Denver: Event Signage Ideas

DSCN1464-300x225Of all the factors that determine the success of a large event held in Denver, well-designed, vivid signage would be near the top of the list. Why? Because with today’s large format printing, the options are nearly endless to create fantastic, colorful signs and displays. Let’s take a look at some of the options available to today’s event planners and coordinators.

Directional Signs

Every great event starts with having outstanding directional signage. Hundreds or even thousands of attendees may be coming from blocks, or even miles away.



Keys to Success:

  • Having the right quantity of signs.
  • The sign design needs to be highly contrasting so to be easily read.
  • Limit information listed on the directional signs.
  • Strategically position so they are easily seen.

Best Material Option

  • Coroplast – Rigid and durable, these signs are great for placing outdoors in the Denver elements.

Window Graphics

Glass entranceway doors and windows can make for a very powerful statement, especially when combined together to create a collage or mural design.

Keys to Success:

  • A coordinated design that flows from one window or door to the next.
  • Does not block out natural light from entering the event space.
  • Easily removable without leaving adhesive residue.

Best Material Options

  • White or clear removable adhesive backed vinyl – white vinyl would be best for window posters, while printing on clear vinyl creates a translucent effect.
  • Static cling material – no adhesive for easy installation
  • Window perforated vinyl – these are films that are perforated to allow a full graphic image to be printed and seen on one side of a window, while attendees can still see through the window from the opposite side.

Easel Signs

Easel Signs are a staple of most events. They are typically directional or informational in nature, such as listing the event sponsors.

Keys to Success:

  • Need to be the right size and weight to avoid falling off the easels
  • The design layout should be easily read from top to bottom

Best Material Option

  • Large format digital prints mounted to foam board. Go with half inch Gatorfoam if your budget allows. The extra thickness is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and has the necessary weight to not be easily blown over.

Vinyl Event Banners

Whether used in front of a table or hanging from a ceiling, vinyl event banners can create a huge, colorful backdrop for your event.

Keys to Success:

  • Getting the right banner for the right job.
  • Large format digital printing allows for outstanding photographic reproduction

Best Material Options:

  • Heavier weight vinyl for outdoor use.
  • Mesh banner for long fence applications, especially in windy areas.
  • Use blockout vinyl for double-sided banners to maintain opaqueness between the two sides.

Next Steps

Consult with one of Reflection Signs and Graphics large format print specialists. They will work to maximize your signage and display budget so that your event is easily found, is colorful, and informative.Give us a call today at 303-450-3255.